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Advanced 3D Solution & VR/AR/MR Technology for Medical Application

Leader of The Medical 3D Printing Solution and eXtended Reality Technology


MediACE3D - Custom Orthosis Design Software for Additive Manufacturing



MediACE3D-WHO can quickly create a 3D model of patient-specific WHO by specifying 4 points of skeleton reference on 3D-scanned wrist-hand data after applying a standard design template.



MediACE3D-AFO can quickly create a 3D model of patient-specific AFO by applying a standard design template after specifying a skeleton reference point on 3D-scanned legs data.



MediACE3D-CRO can support a Patient specific Design for 3D printing.

  1. Model Skinning for Rectification - You can rectify the 3D modl with the rectification angle as the doctor prescribes using the patient's 3D scan data to determine the patient's correct posture.
  2. Template Design Specific Orthosis - You can use the prepared template libraries and it can make orthosis design easily for beginners regardless of the patient's posture and geometry size.
  3. Various function for Mesh editing - You can create a unique 3D orthosis model as to edit mesh by various editing functions.

MediACE3D is a professional 3D CAD software to design as a template of a specific patented technology and supports custom manufacturing of orthosis for 3D printing.

3D Printing Service for Custom Orthosis

3D printing custom orthoses are another opportunity to re-connect your body emotionally with a new, beautiful, ventilated design.


Patient Treatment

Perform design and production services according to doctor's prescription and 3D printing orthosis production request


3D Scanning

Provide body 3D scanning service for the application area of the orthosis to produce 3D printing custom orthosis


Orthosis Design

Provide modeling service for designing custom orthosis by using body 3D scanning information and medical image information


3D Printing

Deliver high-quality 3D printing product manufactured using custom-designed 3D design model

We look forward to inquiries from hospitals and companies interested in 3D printing custom orthosis design and production services business cooperation.

Development of CAD / CAM software for 3D Printing

We are developing simple 3D CAD software and 5-axis additive manufacturing CAM software for 3D printing machine.


Mobile Simple 3D CAD

Development of mobile Android version and desktop Windows version of simple 3D CAD which is used for 3D printing education using open source CAD kernel.


5-Axis Additive Manifacturing CAM

Development of 5-axis additive manufacturing CAM software for metal 3D printing machine of DED type.


We are working with 3D application development specialists who are leading VR/AR/MR and CAD/CAM technologies in the medical field.

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